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Snippets not pasting with rich text after big sur upgrade on chrome


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Couldn't find an answer to this anywhere, but I have a few snippets with rich text (bold and underlined characters) that I use on my work website. Before I upgraded to Big Sur it would paste just fine with rich text, but after the upgrade it only pastes with regular text instead. Any ideas why this might be?

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@ordonezcrissss Alfred hasn't changed with regards to plain vs rich text snippets, so the best place to start is working out what has changed.

  • Make sure your snippets are definitely set to rich text when you go into Alfred's snippets
  • If you test this using TextEdit (a simple, native app) set to rich text on Big Sur, what behaviour do you see?
  • Try a different text field in Chrome, other than your work website
  • Try your work website in Safari

This should allow you to narrow down where the issue lies, and make it easier to work out what's happening. If your snippets are being pasted normally as rich text in Text Edit, then it's out of Alfred's hands what either your work website or Chrome are doing to manipulate the content as it's being pasted.



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