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Outlook search problem after upgrading to Big Sur

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I verified that it has both Accessibility and Full Disk permissions but it is acting like it can't search the folder - no results no matter what I search for. Anyone had any issues with disk access permissions since upgrading to Big Sur?


Using a simple search workflow limited to the Outlook messages folder in the library. I have used it for years with no trouble.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 10.48.47 AM.png

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@boutwell Does Outlook still make this information accessible to third-parties in Big Sur?


Also, it may be worth checking where the messages library is stored in Big Sur vs the workflow's set search scope. It may be that Outlook messages have moved and you (or the workflow creator) to update the search scope. :)

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Vero, I have Googled it and can find no information on if any changes have been made. I can visually verify that the message files are still being saved in the same location and they appear to not be encrypted. Other than that, I am way out of my league on troubleshooting this. I was hoping more seasoned Alfereders had experienced it here!

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Thanks @Vero


I just rebuilt my machine from scratch, thinking maybe it was some remnant of my upgrading from Catalina. Still no dice. The path does not change even though the Outlook version number is 16 now rather than 15.


All of my other workflows are fine so I guess MS changed something.

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