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Lock internal keyboard, so you can clean it.

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Inspired by Ramshank, I went on the googling hunt of googling hunts to find the code (which ended up being in his post). And compiled this bad boy:



v1.1 Keyboard Locker: d.pr/f/xtPs


v1.2 Keyboard Locker: http://d.pr/f/cp7i


**Updated! Fix command fully implemented, and you can now enter the number of seconds you want to lock it for.**


This workflow will lock your keyboard for 20 seconds so that you can clean it. It does ask for your admin pass!


If your keyboard doesn't re-enable use the "fix" keyword and enter your admin pass to re-enable it. You can do updates via Alleyoop, and please read below before using!





**Read Me!**



Be sure that you have an external keyboard or you know where your on-screen keyboard is, before running this workflow for the first time! I have learned the hard way what happens (Your internal keyboard doesn't work, and you have to restart your computer).
Here are directions to the on-screen keyboard for your mac:
I don't think it has changed since SL but just to be safe...
10.6.x Snow Leopard: http://j.mp/Yl7ZYJ
10.7.x Lion: http://j.mp/Yl89zp
10.8.x Mountain Lion: http://j.mp/Yl8jqp
Enjoy! and Please message me if you have any questions or concerns!
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