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How to set up a keyboard shortcut for turning selected text into a Markdown link?

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Hi. I frequently find myself turning text in a Markdown document into a hyperlink of the form `[link text](url)`. Usually, the link text already exists, and I've got the URL in my clipboard from having just visited it in a web browser and grabbed the address.

What I currently do is: Place my cursor at the start of the text to link; type a `[`; move the cursor to the end of the link text, usually with option-right arrow one or more times; type `](`; paste in the URL; and type `)`.


What I would **like** to do is: Select the text to link; type a keystroke that acts as an Alfred trigger; and have Alfred automatically replace the selected text with `[selected text](clipboard contents)` including all the brackets and parentheses exactly as shown.


Is this possible? How?



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Welcome @IDB,


2 hours ago, IDB said:

Is this possible?


Very much so. Here’s a Workflow with a version of how I do it.

You select the text, press the shortcut, and it converts it to [selected text](url). You don’t need to have the URL as your most recent copy—which I found sometimes doesn’t happen and can be annoying—as the Workflow will search your clipboard history for the past thirty entries and use the most recent one which starts with http.

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