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A Workflow for Transcoding Audio, Video, Images?

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I work a lot with audio, video, and images, and often I wish I could just select a file in Alfred and convert it to a different format, like: 

  • wav to MP3
  • MOV to MP4
  • PNG to JPEG
  • etc etc etc


I have different apps on my machine that may do one of these conversions (like VLC for video files, Preview for images, or OCENAudio for audio) but it'd be nice if Alfred could easily do these kinds of conversions via Workflow. 

Should I hold my breath? 


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You just need to find command-line utilities to call for these tasks (LAME, sox , ImageMagick, VLC, textutil, etc.) and then stick the commands into file actions.  There are workflows here but they are oldish e.g.

 But the approach would be the same.

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