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Suggestion: Use option modifier to edit selected snippet

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There have been a few threads on quickly editing snippets and I just wanted to add a suggestion to the stack since I don't use Alfred's clipboard viewer... specifically, when I'm viewing a snippet in Alfred, I would expect to press option to open the snippet editor.


Instead, option previews the snippets and allows me to paste it, but that's the same action if I were to action (hit enter on) the snippet.


I like @Vero's trick to use "?[snippet]" to quickly edit a snippet, but I'm not sure I would have ever discovered that if I hadn't gone searching in the forum first... 

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@Chris Messina this is an oversight that the snip keyword doesn't give an alternative modifier to edit in Alfred. It's a quick internal change to facilitate this, so I've just added for the next build.


It'll be ⌘↩︎ as this matches other built-in features (i.e. ⌘↩︎ to open in 1Password, ⌘↩︎ to open in Contacts).




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