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Alfred Browser Tabs - Search browser tabs from Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, & Safari

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This workflow allows you to search browser tabs from Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi & Safari.


GitHub: https://github.com/epilande/alfred-browser-tabs

Download: https://github.com/epilande/alfred-browser-tabs/releases/latest/download/Browser-Tabs.alfredworkflow



chrome tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Google Chrome and filter based on query.

brave tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Brave Browser and filter based on query.

vivaldi tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Vivaldi and filter based on query.

safari tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Safari and filter based on query.


Copy to clipboard

Holding the CTRL key while selecting an item will copy the selected tab URL to your clipboard.





Screenshot of workflow




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Thanks for this useful workflow. Please include website icon if that is possible. It is easier to quickly pick out targeted website by website icon like how Safari shows icon and description of each tab compared to reading wordy description of each tab displayed by workflow. Thanks.

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On 2/1/2021 at 10:41 PM, altryne said:

I'd love to know if it's possible to grab the favicons as well?


13 minutes ago, iApple said:

Please include website icon if that is possible.

It’s not feasible without an unreasonable amount of work or making the Workflow considerably slower.

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This is a wonderful workflow, can't work without it now.
Just one question: (I am on Mac OS Big Sur) Does anyone know why does it open let's say a minimized tab you're searching for AND a minimized window next to it. I always get two windows open after I search: the one I need and the one what seems next to it. 

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