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iTunes Lyrics Search

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This is a very simple workflow that searches LyricWiki for lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes.


Use it by simply typing "lyrics" in Alfred which will automatically open Safari and display available lyrics. This works only in the case that lyrics actually exist and that the song and artist names are properly written in iTunes.




Get the extension here: http://gum.co/lyrics


I am working on improving this extension and making it a lot more powerful! New version coming soon... Your support is much appreciated  :)

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Would it be possible to modify this so that you can choose between iTunes and Rdio (or Spotify) depending on what you're listening to at the time?

I'm sure it could be done but I don't know how. :) Hopefully someone else can do it...


In the meantime, you can try this: clone the extension and then you will have two extensions — one for iTunes and one for Rdio.

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I'm trying to modify this to search for chords on ultimate-guitar.com and I can't figure out how to change it so instead of separating words in the artist and track names with underscores, it separates them with plus signs, since that's how UG does it in its search URL. Help?

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