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Deeply nested, fuzzy matches showing up as top results


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I believe I have a similar issue as @donut so I'll continue in this thread instead of a opening a new one.


I have a folder ~/Documents/3D


When I download 3D-models, I want to move those files to that folder using file actions -> Move but when I search for 3D I get stuff like this:




Just like donut, I was unable to select the correct search result in order to let Alfred learn that this is the folder I want. I just didn't show up. Not even if I search for a larger portion of the path:




It is beyond my intuitive understanding why this doesn't work.


What is even more frustrating and confusing: when I run file search troubleshooting, there is no problem because all the files in the 3D folder are found and it is not possible to add the folder itself to the troubleshooting dialogue.


I finally managed to get my 3D folder into my search results by doing the equivalent to 

On 1/1/2021 at 3:29 PM, Andrew said:

open ~/Dropbox/RTS


i.e. open ~/Documents/3D


So that specific version of the problem is solved. But I would hope that there is some easier and more intuitive way to achieve this. Maybe Alfred could show an option at the end of the search results, like "Not finding what you're looking for? Click here to do a more thorough search (may take some time)." And when you click on that Alfred would discard the current search results and retrieve new ones. perhaps a longer list than usual.


But this would probably not even be necessary if it were possible to search for paths, like ~/Documents/3d. 


I don't get it. Why does searching "docu 3d" not give me that folder?





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You can't search by path, only by file/folder name.


The way Alfred works is, if you haven't trained it to associate a specific file/folder with a query, it shows results ordered by last access.


So open ~/Documents/3D in Finder to update its access time, then it should be very close to the top of the search results for "3d" in Alfred. If you action it once or twice, Alfred will then associate that folder with the query "3d" and it should always be the first result.

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