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Google Drive Search (via Google Drive File Stream)

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@archelium @Kaske Indeed, the Google Drive indexing issue is unrelated to Monterey. An update to Google Drive in recent months has caused Spotlight and macOS to stop indexing the files. Google is very opaque about what's happening under the hood with Google Drive so we don't know whether they intend to re-enable indexing in the future.


Your best bet is to grab @vitor's workflow linked a couple of posts above :)



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2 hours ago, Henry31 said:

Hi @archelium

we had a lot of problems with that as well! So I completely feel you! It is really annoying. 


Our friend vitor found a workaround for that. After some problems in the beginning, it is working pretty well right now for our team! So definitely check that out!


Nice, this looks promising. I'll give it a go for sure. Thanks so much!

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23 hours ago, Kaske said:


It seems it doesn’t have to do with updating to Monterey as it stopped working for me on Big Sur a couple of days ago. 


I was curious about this so I installed Google Drive on an old 2015 MBP 13", Intel obviously. Running Big Sur 11.6. Indexing works just fine. I've read many posts here and in other forums that some people have had problems with Big Sur and Google Drive Indexing, but it has always worked for me. Attached screenshot, you'll see that the folders are being indexed, even though they are stream folders, not mirror. mdutil also confirms indexing status.



Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 5.28.20 PM copy.jpg

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11 hours ago, archelium said:

Running Big Sur 11.6. Indexing works just fine.


It does for some people, but not for others. Indexing has always been temperamental.


The primary issue with Google Drive File Stream is that it serves your drive from a random port. As a result, macOS thinks it's a different drive every time you restart GDFS, meaning you have to completely re-index it.

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  • 3 months later...

Hi! just downloaded the workflow but I cant seem to see my shared folders. How should I go about this? 


### Workflow version



### Alfred version



### macOS version



### Workflow environment variables

Dict {

    ignore_list =

    result_limit = 50

    google_drive_path = /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive



### Google drive paths

Exists: /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive


75 paths


### Cache dir



### Cache file

16777234 5167509 -rw-r--r-- 1 williamsanderson staff 0 16384 "Feb  1 13:33:48 2022" "Feb  1 13:33:41 2022" "Feb  1 13:33:41 2022" "Feb  1 13:33:41 2022" 4096 32 0 /Users/williamsanderson/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/com.alfredapp.googledrive/cache.db


### Temporary cache

Does NOT exist


### Build progress

NOT running


### Launchd job

Loaded: - 0 com.alfredapp.launchd.googledrivecache


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