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Find streams for any movie or tv show

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Find and watch movies or shows instantly


My workflow makes it really easy to quickly search for a movie or tv show, find the different services streaming the content, and go right to the content.


Learn more here! https://github.com/dverb20/watch_now_workflow/releases/tag/v1.2


I promise it works much more quickly than the gif shows!


I'd love some feedback or for someone to put in a PR for improvements

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I love the idea of your workflow, but it does not seem to work now. After typing in "watch " (with space) the command seems to cancel itself and then I get options for my usual Alfred search though google, amazon, etc. Could you kindly look into it or suggest a solution? 


Thank you in advance!

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@dverbThanks! It all works as intended now!


I can confirm that big guys like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max are present in this amazing workflow.


Is it possible to add Paramount+, Starz, Showtime, Apple TV+, Peacock, Tubi, Crunchyroll, and BBC iPlayer? Those are the most popular services currently. With those services added the workflow will be the greatest substitute to something like ReelGood. 


Is there any way I can help? I am a mediocre programmer, but I really want this project to be unique and irreplaceable.

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Also a question. Is it possible to implement some sort of a back button? If I get the scores and streaming platforms of a wrong movie - I have to restart the workflow, and that is complicated especially for those one-word name movies/series, since there is a high chance you will get lost.

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@ProRock thanks for liking it! Adding new services is pretty easy. I recommend making of fork on github and looking in my watchmovie.py to see where I do getProviders(). I have to use postman to look at the full response so I can match provider ids to their names, and then I add small pngs per service. Feel free to add a pull request! 


I'll look into making a back button, alfred flows are kind of strange because they only want you to go forward but I'll see if I can be creative.

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@dverb Ok, I started looking into it. I am all new to this all. So far I understand that the addition should be easy as long as you know the providers' ids. To get these ids you need to know their numbers from the sample requests from justwatch api using the Postman app. I am trying to understand how to work with postman as I have never played with apis myself. Gotta be fun. I will come back when I have any result. Sorry for long reply, work takes all my time recently. 

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