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Restore settings after setting up sync

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I messed up. I was checking my sync settings in advance of getting a new MacBook, and I clicked "set preferences folder" and chose what looked like the Dropbox/Alfred folder that I was using before. The version of the file there was dated 2017. So I chose that folder (thinking the sync had somehow turned off), and now my Alfred settings are 3 years old! Is there a way through Time Machine I can find my earlier settings? Thank you!

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58 minutes ago, deanishe said:

Alfred hasn’t deleted your preferences.


Change the sync folder back to where your current preferences are. Or replace your 2017 prefs bundle with your current one.




Thanks for the reply—but I don't know the current file location on my Mac, in order to restore the prior one.

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If you weren't syncing before, your prefs bundle is in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/. If you're still using Alfred 3, it's in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/.

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UPDATE:  I restored an earlier "prefs.json" file and it worked to bring Alfred up-to-date—but I can't find a file that's being kept current to sync now. The "Alfred.alfredpreferences" file (shown in "Reveal in Finder" under "Syncing") is still dated from 3 years ago, even after I restart everything. Help? Thank you!

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What is the name of this current bundle?


In both locations (~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/) and in the Documents folder revealed as the sync folder, the "Alfred.alfredpreferences" is dated 2017.

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29 minutes ago, srb1961 said:

What is the name of this current bundle?


The name is always the same: Alfred.alfredpreferences.


Don't pay too much attention to the date. That's only the date for the bundle itself, not its contents.

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