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Yubico TOTP Auth

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I created this workflow to make entering TOTP codes stored on my Yubikey NEO easier.


So far, it has been tested with a Yubikey NEO on a MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina but it will likely work on any Yubikey that supports TOTP. I have no other devices to test with, but bug reports and patches may still be reviewed.


Although I am using awgo, it does not yet support auto updates. The interface is very stable so I don't expect needs to update frequently unless there are issues with new devices or new macOS versions.


How it works:

  • Insert your Yubikey
  • Open Alfred and type the keyword `yubikey`
  • Filter using any part of the token you are looking for
  • Press enter to copy the token or press Command enter to automatically paste the token into the front most window
  • After several seconds, the clipboard will be cleared


Note: If you're Yubikey has a password, the first time you run the workflow you should be prompted for your password and access to the macOS keychain.



The primary repo and releases can be found on my server, here: https://git.iamthefij.com/iamthefij/alfred-yubico-auth/releases

The repository and releases will also be mirrored to Github here: https://github.com/IamTheFij/alfred-yubico-auth/releases

Alfred Yubico 1.png

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