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Bring back Hot Keys Tab!!!!!!!!!

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You can assigned hotkey to a vast diversity of actions from the Workflows tab. I was also frustrated at the beginning that hotkeys don't have their own tab in v2, but since I got used to workflows, I now think it makes sense to have them all together.

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I have looked for an HOUR to find out how to use hot keys.  Nothing!

I finally went back to v1.   Why did you make it so damn complicated?

You ruined a good thing with v2....waaaaaay too much to read. 

REmember,  we are POWER users....we want FAST.....we want SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!1


Hey man, I can understand the frustration but by merging them with Workflows it greatly expands the possibilities of what is possible with Hot Keys.


To create a new Hot Key, go to the Workflows tab and click the + at the bottom of the list on the left. Select that you want to create a Blank Workflow. After you set the title of it and such, click the + in the top right of the Workflow area and add a Trigger->Hotkey. Then you can add pieces to perform whatever you want to action after that.


Remember to connect the hotkey to the other module pieces. By this I mean, mouse over the modules and a small tab will appear on the right side. Click and drag that to the other module to connect them together.


Andrew already has plans to make creating things like this much easier in future versions. As mentioned, we do understand that the concept of workflows is a little different and can be confusing at first but once you get used to them, they are FAR more flexible and open the door for some many possibilities.


If you have any other troubles, feel free to let me know. I'd be happy to help.

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I also feel like the functionality of v1 might be a bit too compressed into the Workflows tab in v2. The hotkey functionality definitely still exists, but it is definitely not as intuitive finding it. You have quite a bit of window bar real estate to play around with, so maybe separating the workflow functionality back out into multiple tabs would be a good idea.

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