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Is there a way to use logic from other workflow?

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Desired Result: Use logic from one workflow in another, to avoid duplication of logic




- I have a `Markdown Links` workflow that can generate a markdown link from the current Chrome tab

- `Workflow 2` wants to leverage that logic without having to duplicate it


So what would be nice would be being able to call the external trigger for `Markdown Links`, have it return back the link it generated back to `Workflow 2`, and do whatever I want with it.


The problem is that it doesn't seem like the `External Trigger` output allows to you do subsequent logic (in other words, it's just a "stub" at the right of the object).


Workaround (?)


I guess a workaround (that at least works in this case), would just be to:


1. Have `Markdown Links` copy the generated text to the clipboard

2. Call its external trigger from `Workflow 2`

3. Simultaneously (since you can't do logic _after_ calling an External Trigger):

  1. Wait .2 seconds (for the trigger to finish)

  2. Paste the text where necessary


But I think that's only going to work in a few scenarios. In others, pasting may not work or be desired in any capacity.

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You’ll need both an External Trigger and a Call External Trigger Output to allow both Workflows to communicate back and forth. You can avoid them always firing by setting some Environment Variables and checking for them.

That can become a tad convoluted, but without seeing your Workflows, there’s not much chance to be more specific.

Another way would be to make your action into a Script that you have on your machine and have both Workflows call it, but that might not be ideal in this case.

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