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Next Monday?

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to Alfred, and have just purchased the Powerpack. I was wondering if it's possible to create a text snippet which inserts the date of the next Monday.

I currently use aText to insert next Monday's date whenever I type mmon. I'm hoping Alfred can replace aText for this action.


Many thanks for any help with this.



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Hi @DaveDay, welcome to the forum.

I’m afraid Alfred’s native dynamic placeholders can’t do that. You’d have to use a Snippet Trigger with a script to generate the date.

This Python script prints the date of the following Monday. Adjust FORMAT to get the date format you want.


from __future__ import print_function

from datetime import date, timedelta

# date format
# https://docs.python.org/3.9/library/datetime.html#strftime-strptime-behavior
FORMAT = '%Y-%m-%d'

one_day = timedelta(days=1)

# start counting from tomorrow
d = date.today() + one_day

while d.weekday():  # Monday = weekday 0
    d += one_day

print(d.strftime(FORMAT), end='')


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