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My snippets are truncating the last few characters

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I've just moved my set up to an M1 Mac using Big Sur running Alfred 4.3. All my existing snippets seem to expand and then backspace 4 to 7 characters leaving a "v". For example, an email snippet will  expand to "mailname@gmailv" instead of "mailname@gmail.com". A today's date snippet returned "1/1v". The built-in symbol sets (single characters) will backspace the character and a few carriage returns.


I've recreated that email snippet and got the same result; some newly created snippets worked fine, but most didn't (random character strings in both cases).


I tried a few of the tips; the one to reset the Full Disk accessibility caused the snippets to expand to just a "v". A restart of the Mac got me back to the first state with truncated text expansion.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Have you tried adjusting the snippet expansion options in Alfred Preferences > Snippets > Auto Expansion Options > Tweaking? Adjusting the key event speed and clipboard restore timing often helps.


Also, which apps are you having issues in? All apps, or specific ones?

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Thanks. I had played with that, but probably didn't try the right combo. After your suggestion I moved it to slowest key speed and 0.2 restore and it seems to be working; still get occasional reversions. Also, experimented with settings and found some setting that worked previously didn't work again, so it looks like there's a little art involved.


This had happened in text apps and browsers. Thanks, again.

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2 hours ago, vicwong said:

so it looks like there's a little art involved.


Definitely. Snippets work by firing simulated keypress events at an app, but different apps and different machines react at very different speeds. Alfred has no way of knowing if/when the target app has handled an event, so some tuning is often necessary to get snippets working reliably and quickly on any given system.

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