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Use another workflow in a workflow

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Hi guys, 


I am looking for the possibility to use a workflow in another workflow. 


I have a workflow that I use a lot in some other workflows, and I have to make a copy of it every time, to paste it in my new workflow. The issue is that if I improve the original workflow, I have then to update all the other workflows that I have created that use this workflow to reflect the change. 


Is there a solution for that? 


Thanks a lot for your help, 

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46 minutes ago, lemikeone said:

it seems that I can't add any other block after it


You can’t: External Triggers are "fire-and-forget". They work like an x-callback-url URL scheme. If you want to retrieve data via another workflow's External Trigger, you need to set it up so you can tell it to call an External Trigger in your workflow with the response. Or tell it which file to write the response to and watch for that file in the calling workflow.


As an example, my Firefox Assistant workflow has an External Trigger you can use to get the title & URL of the active tab.

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