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Btw - just to explain my goal:


I code.


I love using snippets. But i also love using advanced snippets (workflows).


I want to be able to quickly search (not auto expand text) my snippets and my advanced snippets (workflows),

in one place.


For now, i can search snippets in one place and the advanced snippets (workflows) in another,

and it's very inconvenient when you have a lot of snippets (and advanced snippets).



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14 minutes ago, Andrew said:

@Benben Ah I misinterpreted what you meant by "quickly search (not auto expand text)"


I actually have a ticket for adding the Workflow Snippet Trigger results to both the Snippet Viewer, and the snip keyword... which I believe would satisfy what you're looking for.


you mean that any workflow that starts with a snippet trigger will show in the snippets viwer?


If that's the case, i guess this will solve my problem :) is it planned to be any time soon?

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