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Alfred System Command to Announce/Speak Current Time w a Time Stamp?

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I would like to use Alfred to announce or speak the current time w possibly a System Command or any other method?  The Time Stamp would be nice, but not necessary.

Using MAC OS 10.15.  Thanks 

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@BretonTom There are various ways you could do this, but just for fun I tried one where I used a list filter to choose whether I want the time or the date and time, then the macOS Alex voice reads it out via Terminal.


You can grab it here as a starting point:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/txtzjwv6ynv0t3d/Say the time.alfredworkflow?dl=0


Play around with time and date formatting if you want to hear something more specific:



Having said that, as @Alan He says, I find it quicker to just look up at the clock in the corner ;) 



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Sorry, for Slow Response.  I was busy thinking about another task that ALFRED might do and is not a trivial task, such as the TIME Script.  And I agree with all  that, looking at Top Left of Screen for Time is much more efficient, however when You are in a FULL SCREEN MODE, such as with UTUBE or a EXCEL SPREADSHEET, then the TIME disappears.  Then You have to mouse, trackpad, or some KYRD#NG to get the TIME.  So, I was just thinking of a trivial task, to save me a few seconds of time.  Or maybe insert a TIMESTAMP in a STICKY NOTE.  Thanks for responding.

Now my next non Trivial Question to be posted to FORUM is this:

I do OPTION SPACE BAR, and enter *.jpg w size >500KB & <1MB.  ALFRED will DISPLAY FILE PATH, NAME, and a THUMBNAIL of ALL FILES fitting those specific parameters?

But once again thanks to all.

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