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Run Script output to Post Notification

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I'm trying to build a fairly simple workflow that:


1. Finds all private SSH keys in the ~/.ssh director

2. Runs `ssh-add -K` on each of them

3. Sends the output of the commands run to a notification


Here is what I have:






The problem I'm having is that `{query}` appears to be blank after the script runs as the notification title says "ssh-add" as intended, but the text of the notification is blank. Can anyone help please?


Thank you.



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@bwoodruff try adding a debug utility object before the Post Notification to see what {query} is actually set to (i.e. what you're actually getting out of your run script). You can show Alfred's workflow debugger with the little bug icon in the top right of the workflow editor.


It could be something simple like the output needing to be trimmed.

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