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Open Alfred Preferences Screen with Hotkey?

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Its so time consuming to launch Alfred and then then click on the little gear icon to go to Alfred Preferences.


Is there a workflow or applescript that I can assign a hotkey to open Alfred Preferences?  


This would help a great deal. Thank you in advance for anyone who has suggestions!

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You could create a hotkey and then attach link it to the applescript below... credits to David Ferguson I believe, I think I remember finding it in a post he made...


on alfred_script(q)
tell application "Alfred 2"
tell application "System Events" to keystroke "," using {command down}
end tell
end alfred_script

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Alfred preferences are set to open with (command comma) but my default settings open up finder preferences with that hotkey combo. I need to change one of them but I can't seem to figure out how. Any advice?

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Command-comma will open the preferences for whichever app is active at the time.  If you're in the Finder it'll bring up the Finder prefs but if you bring up the Alfred search window then hit command-comma it'll bring up Alfred prefs.  (Unless something has been oddly reconfigured on your mac). 

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I copied and pasted the code of twinpeaks in a "Run NSApplescript" action linked it to a keyword action but it is not working for me.


After I fired the keyboard shortcut in my file manager, the file manager is not the active application anymore but Alfred Preferences doesn't show up.


I checked it was not a keyboard shortcut problem.

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It's possible to set a hotkey to open your Alfred Preferences - No need for AppleScript in this instance :)


- Create a workflow connecting a hotkey to a Launch Apps/Files object

- Navigate to Alfred in your Applications folder

- Right-click and choose "Show package contents"

- Within Contents > Preferences, you'll find the Alfred Preferences app, which you can drag as the application to launch in Alfred

- Set a hotkey of your choice


Close Alfred's preferences then use your newly set hotkey to re-open them quickly!




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