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Buggy Snippets out of the blue in Catalina


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Catalina v.10.15.7

Alfred 4.3 [1025]


(I have rebooted, and re-granted permissions to Alfred in System Preferences)


Problem: I have several simple text snippets setup that for 24 hours were working correctly, but gradually they have started to go completely bugged-out. First signs of this behaviour were not being able to use two snippets consecutively; the second snippet would only work if I used the cursor or another key input before attempting the second snippet. Now, that doesn't even work, but the snippet will suddenly appear after c.10 seconds. This will often involve the snippet text being retained as well as the replacement text.


Any ideas? It's really not very happy at all!

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@TheTalkingStove Are you seeing this issue in a particular app? It's not unusual for non-native macOS app to be marginally slower to react than native ones, but we're talking milliseconds here. A 10 seconds delay is unheard of. Is your Mac under unusually high load at the time where snippets paste a long time to be replaced?


If you switch to TextEdit, which is a very basic native app, does your snippet paste normally and at a normal speed?


The Snippets feature is a pretty straightforward one, so if you can provide more details about your Mac, the snippets you're using and the apps you're using, we should be able to help you work out what's happening :)



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