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Step through clipboard history like launchbar

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I switched to Alfred from Launchbar, and the biggest thing I miss is the ability to use the Clipboard History shortcut key to navigate through the history.


In my case, I have my Clipboard History shortcut key as Cmd-\. What I like to do as I'm coding is to copy a few things to the clipboard, then go to where I want to paste, hold down Command, and tap \ until the item I want to paste is highlighted. With Alfred right now, I have to hit Cmd-\, then use arrow keys or cmd-# keys to pick what I want, which necessitates changing my hand position on the keyboard - not at all as efficient for me.


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18 minutes ago, cheeth said:

Thanks, it's just not efficient and goes against the grain having to reposition your both hands, especially for a shortcut that is used daily.



You can always create your own keybindings though. Check this link for an example and explanation:


Just create a workflow with the following:


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@Mr Pennyworth, what a clever solution!


This allows me to use the same shortcut to step through each history item which is a lot better than the default setting! The only thing I'm now missing is a way to paste the item after releasing "Cmd-/". 


Any way to get that part working?

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