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Alfred Clipboard History Sync To Multiple Computers

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Hi, I am new to this Forum.  I searched for this topic, but didn't see it listed - so apologies if this has already been requested.


I would like to see my Clipboard history sync between computers (via iCloud, Dropbox, etc)


Paste has this capability via iCloud- https://pasteapp.io/?utm_source=setapp&utm_medium=setapp

  • Sync & back up your clipboard history to iCloud
  • Keep your Clipboard History and Pinboard securely stored in iCloud so that it becomes reachable from all your devices. Enjoy having all your data synced across all of your devices. Needless to add, this snippets manager also runs well with Universal Clipboard on all other devices.


If this capability has already been requested, could someone point me to the request, so that I can up vote.


If it hasn't, I would submit for consideration.



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@SimplyJimRiley Welcome to the forum, Jim :)


Alfred's Snippets can be synced (along with most of your preferences) between your Macs, but Clipboard History is intentionally stored locally for data protection. For example, if you're copying important content at work all day, your employer would likely disapprove of this data being automatically synced to your home Mac.


If you need items to be synced to your home Mac, you can pop up Clipboard History, choose the item you want to save, and press Cmd + S. This will open up snippets and allow you to save it as a snippet into a collection of your choice. You can create a collection for these types of items that may not need a keyword for text expansion but are useful snippets of text you'll want to use later.



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