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Trigger a workflow on the selected object in Alfred


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Would be awesome to have the ability to trigger a workflow on the selected object in Alfred e.g. add a "Current Alfred Selection" to the arguments dropdown. I know File Actions can accomplish some of this but they also require multiple additional steps. 


This would allow users to perform actions such as rename, get info, duplicate, etc.. on the selected file.

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Hi Vitor, in the Hotkey Trigger you could select "Current Alfred Selection" as the argument.


This would allow you to create shortcuts that trigger workflows based on the currently selected Alfred item such as Rename, Get Info, Duplicate, etc..





Coincidentally, "Text selection in macOS" seems like another great argument to add here!

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@Alfred0 "Selection in macOS" will already use text you've selected if that's what the current selection is.


As for the "Current Alfred Selection", if you've already got Alfred open, you wouldn't need to use a hotkey to grab Alfred's selection. What do you want to do next with your selection in Alfred?



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