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Is there a workflow to allow me to create a bookmark folder in Safari?

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I've tried searching but it seems a lot of the stuff broke when Safari updated. Any ideas? I just want to be able to add a folder: frequently I go to bookmark something and there isn't a folder for it so I just end up adding it to misc which gets lost. 

It's a pain to come out of the bookmark pane, go into bookmarks and create a nested folder, come out and then bookmark the page. 


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18 minutes ago, bongobong said:

If anyone's out there

A lack of reply doesn’t mean no one saw your request. Not everything is possible or doable with reasonable effort; we’re working within the constraints given by Safari and macOS.


It’s not a simple task, and Apple keeps pulling the rug. I can’t say how many person-years have been spent on figuring out solutions to bypass Apple’s imposed limitations, only for those to break in the following macOS release. But I can tell you my time is very much in that pool, and that predictably it is frustrating. You waste a lot of effort chasing a “maybe”.

On 2/1/2021 at 12:58 PM, bongobong said:

it seems a lot of the stuff broke when Safari updated.


Because a lot of those were hacky solutions. Is there a way to get them to work again? Maybe, but it will take a while for the first person to figure it out and publish it and the next person to come along and improve it and so it goes.

Maybe this time it’s easier (unlikely), but the point is we don’t know. This is why (well, one of the reasons) one should hold off on upgrading to the newest macOS version if you depend on hacks. Apple will take them away without half a thought.

You should consider directing your feedback at them. Use Feedback Assistant and ask for better tools to manage Safari, in this case ways to create bookmark directories programmatically via AppleScript or Shortcuts.


Alternatively, if you find a command-line solution which works we can help you integrate it into Alfred.

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