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Help building a Workflow - Excel

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Hi there, I am not new to Alfred, but I am new to using it properly and Workflows.


I want a workflow to do a fairly simple task for me and just want to know if I am asking too much and if I am able to get help putting a workflow together that will do the job for me.


I have started with a template and can't see why I would want anything in Safari... as I want to use Excel.... so right off the bat im a bit confused !... is there a start place for me to understand where I should be reading to get a better idea ? Or am I needing to do a massive pile of learning to be able to bang out a super easy workflow ?



Guy - NZ

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@Guy Welcome to the forum :)


Could you share with us what you want to achieve? There are numerous templates to perform different tasks.


If we know a little more, we might be able to guide you in the right direction, provided what you have in mind is possible.



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