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External Trigger is showing search bar (when not necessary)

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The Problem


I have an external trigger in my workflow. When I call it, the search bar appears, even though there's no need to -- the subsequent logic requires no input from the search bar (see screenshot blow).


Additional Context


The rest of the logic works as desired; but there's just this search bar in the way that I have to dismiss now



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I’m going to take a guess and say the External Trigger in question is the top one. The one connected to a Keyword Input, so that’s what it calls. If you want it to not invoke a Keyword Input (which shows Alfred’s search box), you need to not connect to it, and instead go directly to the Args and Vars Utility.


But when asking for help with a Workflow, please always upload it somewhere as otherwise we can only take stabs in the dark. Imagine going to your mechanic with a picture of your motor and a description of symptoms. More often than not it won’t be enough to diagnose the issue, and even when it is, it can only be a guess.

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