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Add a Story to Pivotal Tracker

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Created a workflow to add stories to pivotal tracker for one project.


Github: https://github.com/kevnull/pivotal-tracker-alfred-workflow


From the README:



A workflow for Alfred v2 (alfredapp.com) to add Pivotal Tracker stories directly.

Creates a story to Pivotal Tracker project. Copies resulting story url to clipboard.


In the script, set the following:

Go to your name->profile in Pivotal Tracker to find this at the bottom


The full name you have in Pivotal Tracker

$requested_by = "INSERT YOUR NAME HERE";

The project id (the number in https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/{number})



pt {optional type} {name}

Defaults to feature if no type is given. Acceptable types are "feature", "bug", and "chore" or their first character equivalent.


pt this is a feature

pt f this is a feature

pt feature this is also a feature

pt b this is a bug

pt c this is a chore


Put multiple projects into the action selection

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