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Workflows can't move files to every location

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I have made some workflows of my own for moving my downloads folder to a certain location that I could search for, and was confused as to why I could move the items to some locations, like the Desktop or my Documents folder, but not to other folders, like some deeper folders within my Documents folder. I though it might just be some oversight of my workflow, but I tried the Move To workflow and had the exact same issue. In some cases I can even move a file to a certain folder but then not back.

I don't have any of these issues with the actions within Alfred, I can move files around that way just fine.

Alfred has all permissions given.


What could be causing this?

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1 hour ago, deanishe said:

You’ve made a mistake? Impossible to say without seeing your workflow. Upload it somewhere and post a link. 

 That's why I linked the Workflow in my post that was having the same issue, I've since deleted the workflow I tried to make.

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11 minutes ago, Signynt said:

I linked the Workflow in my post that was having the same issue


Same symptoms, not necessarily the same cause. There are a lot of different ways to move files around.


In any case, your first step should be to check Alfred's debugger. There is almost certainly a proper error message in there from the workflow that explains what went wrong.

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