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How to remove application (or move it down) in suggestions

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Hey Alfred Team,


I sometimes use "pu enter" to open our pull-requests page. It is a custom workflow with the keyword "pull"


However, it shows another app, "airport utility app", in the suggestions on top. I think it shows on top because I often open it by mistake because it is on top.


Can we reset the search results "frecency" for this suggestion in any way?





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Hi, @faltoo, welcome to the forum.


3 hours ago, faltoo said:

because I often open it by mistake because it is on top


That's exactly why it's at the top. If you enter "pu" and select your "Show pull requests" action a few times, you'll retrain Alfred to put that first.


You can tell Alfred to ignore AirPort Utility completely by adding the comment alfred:ignore to it (do a Get Info on the app in Finder). You can also reset Alfred’s “knowledge” in Alfred Preferences > Advanced > Clear Knowledge, but you’ll likely also lose a lot of training you’d rather keep.


More generally, it's not a good idea to blindly action things in Alfred without checking what's selected first. Alfred runs several different searches in parallel (one for apps, one for your workflows, one for contacts, one for files etc.), so its results aren't deterministic. If you've trained Alfred to associate "Show pull requests" with "pu", then that will always end up at the top of the results, but only after Alfred has finished searching. If one of the other searches finishes first, something else is going to be in the top spot until your preferred result comes in.

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