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How can I control the search order when looking for an application to launch

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As a developer, I have applications all over the place. Some come and go rather quickly (as they get cleaned and/or rebuilt) and they are not normally stored in the Applications folder. However, the last "official" version may be there. The Search Scope in Default Results doesn't seem to have any way of rearranging the order in which folders are searched for applications. Is there any way to fix this?

Yes, I know I can create a workflow but that becomes problematic when there are multiple versions of an application in different places.



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You can't reorder the folders because it doesn't make any difference. Alfred orders its main search results based on your previous behaviour (falling back to "last used", I believe).


If you consistently select the same result for the same query, Alfred will always move it to the top. If you keep selecting different things for the same query, you will get inconsistent behaviour.

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Yes, I understand that, but when there's a hundred different versions of your application around, it's very hard to find the right one easily particularly because Alfred doesn't allow a selection to be made from multiple substrings. I guess I'm arguing that it ought to be possible (perhaps as an option) to allow the search order to make a difference.

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