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Searching for same item in multiple folders

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I have fifty websites. On my desktop I have a folder for each website (named Geocom, ER, IVR, etc.), and each folder includes subfolders with identical names and files. For example, each folder contains a subfolder named Content, which includes a file named Intro.php.


I would to be able to quickly access all fifty intro.php files. If necessary, I would also like to be able to do a search-and-replace operation that targets all fifty intro.php files - but nothing else.


Is this something I can do with Alfred? If so, can I do it with the free version, or do I need to purchase the commercial version?

Also, will I have to give each file a unique name (e.g. Geobop/Contents/geobop-intro.php, IVR/Contents/ivr-intro.php), or will Aflred somehow indicate which folder each file is associated with?


Thank you.

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