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Alfred not finding macOS stock apps while Spotlight does

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I'm using Alfred v1.2 (220) on macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 (20D75), on Intel Macbook Pro (2020)


Alfred is not finding any stock apps - Contacts, System Preferences, etc, while Spotlight does just fine. All of these apps are in the default Applications folder on the main Macintosh HD. I have another Macbook Pro (2016) with same version of Alfred on Catalina which works just fine. I only upgraded macOS last night, and it was behaving in the same way on the latest Catalina as well.


I already tried rebuilding the index and clearing the cache a few times. 


This is very annoying and need help to fix it.



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@Howon You can remove Alfred 1.2 and install Alfred 4 from alfredapp.com, so that you're using the most current version. Apple have moved certain apps in recent macOS updates, and Alfred 4 is aware of these new paths :)



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