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Confusing Powerpack License FAQ Description

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In "Which license type should I buy?" section on Alfred's Licence FAQ webpage (https://www.alfredapp.com/help/powerpack/license-types/), the Single User Licence clearly states that it can only be activated on two Macs.

  • The Single User License is valid for one user on two of your own Macs, for the current version.


However, for Mega Supporter Licence, the confusing description tells nothing about the maximum number of Macs it can activate, which could suggest users that the licence could be activated on unlimited Macs (that owned by one user) simultaneously.

  • The Mega Supporter License is valid for one user on your own Macs, and gives you a lifetime of free updates to Alfred for Mac.


After searching through Google and Alfred forum, I notice that many threads stated that the actual activation limitation for Mega Supporter Licence is up to four Macs, including many responses from Alfred Administrators.


My question is, if Alfred made a such clear limitation, why the limitation is omitted in Alfred's official FAQ page?


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@Avatar Provided the Mega Supporter license is used on Macs that are for your use, and not shared workstations, our licensing system gives a little more flexibility.


If you hit an activation limit and are unable to activate any more, contact us and we'll be happy to help you :)


Fundamentally, with both license types, the key point is that the license is for one individual, not for sharing.



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