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Turn off Large type during presentations.

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My apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've wracked my brain for a few days with no results. Well, that's not true, I have cleaned up my code and tracked down my bugs, but I digress. I have now ended up here in the suggestion area. My workflow works very nicely at being in your face with Large Type notifications throughout the day and encouraging you to get up from behind the desk, move/stand, take breaks, and lunch. I'm working with the idea of making the messages hard to ignore. So far, it has dramatically increased my standing/movement during the day. I am looking to have something I can run that will disable Large Type during screen presentations for a predetermined time. Or I'll add a delay to my next action to turn it back on later on that day. I realize this is a very specific use idea. So no worries if it's a no-go. If this is possible, please point me in the correct direction. Thanks for looking.



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1 hour ago, HuskyHerder said:

My apologies if this is in the wrong place.


I've moved it to the Workflow Help & Questions forum. This is really something your workflow should handle.


1 hour ago, HuskyHerder said:

I've wracked my brain for a few days with no results.


The elegant way would be for your workflow to check what the active window is, and then not show the Large Type if it's fullscreen, or something like that.


Alternatively, you can add a "do not disturb for … minutes" feature to your workflow by setting a workflow variable to some future time and not showing the Large Type before that time.

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Thanks @deanishe


This project started out as something a lot different than what it is now. It was a lot less complicated back then. Thanks for the ideas. I may need to learn a few things first.  But that's the fun. For now, it's at a manageable point, and I can live with it while I do some homework. 

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