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Hello all, I'm looking for a simple way to replace the content of my clipboard with and "expanded" version of it, based on simple rules.


Example: content of clipboard is {clipboard}, replace with ({clipboard})[https://servername.domain.com/ref={clipboard}]


I find myself very often handling specific ticket IDs, or IDs of many kinds and I want to passed them as hyperlink in emails, chats, etc. The hyperlink has always the exact same structure, only the ticket ID, ID, reference ID, etc. changes.


Any idea on how to do this with as many keystrokes as possible?

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Nice, thanks. Anyway to execute the action directly from the clipboard history? I have a shortcut to open the clipboard history and ideally I would like to press shift+enter for example to paste the specific clipboard entry expanded as ({clipboard})[https://servername.domain.com/ref={clipboard}].

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3 hours ago, hobbes444 said:

Anyway to execute the action directly from the clipboard history?

No, but there’s a feature request for that which you can follow and add a “like” to show your support and possibly comment a link back to this post to share your use case.


I’m on a phone so it’s harder to look for it, but perhaps @nikivi will be able to link you (it’s originally his request).

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