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Window not dismissed when playing music via 'Play all tracks by'

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System: macOS 11.2.2 (20D80)

Alfred Version: Alfred 4.3.2 [1221]

Reproducibility: Always



1. Open Alfred preferences and verify 'Hide mini player after selecting song' is enabled.

2. Invoke the Music.app mini player by invoking Alfred's shortcut.

3. Select to 'Play all tracks by' a certain artist.

4. Verify music starts playing but window does not dismiss.


Expected Behavior:

That the window dismisses on selecting to play all tracks by a certain artist.

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@adonis "Play all tracks by" follows the same behaviour as the "random album" feature, where it stays on screen to allow you to continue browsing your music collection, skip to the next song, etc.


As this has been the behaviour of the Mini Player since the beginning of time, we're hesitant to make any changes to a behaviour that other users will have become used to for many years.


Keep in mind that you can either use your Alfred main hotkey to start a different Alfred query, or the Escape key to just close the Mini Player and get on with your work once you've got your great tunes playing :) 



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