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It's such a palaver to add an event to my calendar. I'd hate to think of the click count.


Most appointments are just me and they're reminders. So if I could Alfred myself something like the following then it would be a godsend:


"reminder thursday noon lunch with Fernando"


Even better if it would add it then open my cal app and leave me looking at the created event. Then I could choose to modify it (duration, attendees) or 95% of the time just leave it as it is.


I use Alfred for everything that makes me efficient and calendar event creation is the last big "nuisance factor" in using my comp as a productivity tool


PS. I'm sure you could think of a much better slicker implementation but you get the idea! 🙂

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Have you seen this thread?


In any case, I think this is something that would probably have to be implemented in a workflow, especially if decent support for natural language is important.


Creating a calendar event is really easy, but parsing natural-language input well is really hard, and AFAIK, Apple doesn't make the parser Calendar.app uses available via the API, which is what Alfred must use.


Without a library to handle the natural-language parsing, I don't think you could justify the effort the feature would likely require. Especially when a workflow could so easily use an existing natural-language parser to do all the hard work.


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