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Alfred mini player showing music that isn't mine

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I am finding that the Alfred Mini player is filled with music that isn't in my apple music library. I cannot play this music. Selecting a track I don't recognise simply reverts me back to the opening miniplayer page. I have tried refreshing with command+R. I also deleted the old iTunes files that still existed from before it was turned into Music and refreshed. 
* Include the Alfred version & build number
4.3.2 [1221]
* Include your macOS version
11.2.3 (20D91)
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@rocklobster Alfred uses the Music API, and doesn't search or keep an index of the music in your Music library. As such, the tracks you're seeing will be returned by iTunes/Music.


I've checked with Andrew as well, and we've never encountered/heard of that issue. Might be worth logging out and back in to your iTunes account in the Music app, and checking that a friend or family member hasn't cheekily added new music to your collection :)




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