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combine different workflows together

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I checked a bunch of similar questions but so far have not find an answer to that.


Usecase: I want to build an e-mail that has differents variable parts in it that get used elsewhere too. I my idea was to make it modular: define the modules as workflows (as they have interactive variables in them) and chain them together in one bigger mail workflow that calls the modules and put all outputs together.


I defined external triggers for the modules but can't find a way to call them appropriately and afterwards save the outputs as a variable I can use. (The external trigger output would end the flow and I can't get the apple script variant to work).


Can anyone help out?

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External Triggers don't return anything. If you want to get information from another workflow, you need it to "call you back" with the info (or dump it to a file).


My Firefox workflow supports this, for example. You call its External Trigger with the name of another External Trigger it should pass the info to.

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