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How to get Alfred to send media key presses?

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I use a keyboard that for reasons unknown is unable to send the media key codes successfully to macOS - hitting play/pause works to play/pause the currently selected media app, but hitting "next" or "prev" media keys does nothing.

If I simulate these keypresses using the macos "keyboard viewer" app then the media apps all respond correctly - but opening the keyboard viewer simply to skip a track is tedious, and I don't have the screen space free to leave the viewer visible all the time.

My keyboard provider (logitech) is not so far able to rectify the issue - so while I wait I thought maybe I could use Alfred to send the appropriate media key presses to the macos system in response to a command.

Unfortunately the mini-player in Alfred is tied to the Music app and I'm using something else.

Is there a way to get Alfred to do this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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