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Anyone available to collaborate on a Workflow?

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Hi folks, I'm trying to create a workflow but I realized that it will require some scripting. Since I have zero experience coding, I would like to know if someone else can help me on this.


That's the idea.


1. I would like to open Alfred and type “status HSML11”.

Note: “Status” is the keyword used to invoke the workflow and “HSML11” is the additional argument.

2. The workflow should run the script, considering the argument inputed.

3. The script should parse some of the information displayed on https://statusinvest.com.br/fundos-imobiliarios/<argument>

e.g. https://statusinvest.com.br/fundos-imobiliarios/hsml11

4. The results should be shown on Alfred pulldown results as illustrated in the attached screenshot


Appreciate your help.


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WOW!!!! This is Fantastic👏👏

@deanishe you nailed it! I am so thankful for your help. Let me know if I can do something for you.

Really, really thanks for that! 😀🙏


I will read the code and try to understand the logic behind. I hope I can learn and try to write by myself in the future.

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