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46 minutes ago, Jdabb said:

what do recommend doing just using something else?


If you're a decent coder, use Google Sheets. There's probably another workflow you could copy the OAuth code from, and getting credentials is only a huge pain if you want to publish the workflow for everyone to use.


Perhaps you could use a command-line client for Sheets like this one to do what you want using a few relatively simple Run Script commands in Alfred.


46 minutes ago, Jdabb said:

somewhere to store data


What kind of data? That pretty much dictates your options unless you plan to build the whole thing from scratch.


As far as Google Sheets goes, if read access is sufficient in Alfred (and the document is public), you could set a script to regularly download a copy of your sheet using a URL like this:


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/<YOUR DOCUMENT ID GOES HERE>/export?format=xlsx


Then you could plug that into this workflow that can display Excel files in Alfred fairly easily.


Or if you have Excel, you can use a document in your iCloud Drive (which will sync to your phone) and plug that into the above workflow.


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