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AlfredWorkflowScriptFilter (Swift)

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i didn't have any issue. but yeah, you better keep another clean Xcode. also, at every Xcode update, you need to resign. a bit annoying yes. and the plugin is not the best Vim port out there. but still, i think it's the best workflow i've found till now.

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1 hour ago, nikivi said:

Found this twitter thread that talks about why swift string methods are slower due to the encoding.


Interesting. But yeah. Unicode strings are marvellous when you’re working with text content, but there’s a lot of stuff you want to treat as bytestrings (i.e. mostly text, encoding unknown), which is a PITA in Swift because it doesn’t really have bytestrings or even “char” literals.

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guys i've been spending one and a half month working on that. now you're making me want to switch to Go or apply for a job at Apple to clean their shi*. 

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remove the insolence
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