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command to open workflow preferences?

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@giovanni That's essentially built-in now, if I've understood correctly what you're looking for. :) 


Just type the question mark followed by any feature name, workflow name or keyword, even the word "hotkeys" or "keywords" to see relevant results from your features and workflows.


More details about the feature can be found here:




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1 minute ago, Vero said:

That's essentially built-in now, if I've understood correctly what you're looking for.


I think he wants the workflow to be able to send the user directly to its own configuration in Alfred Preferences.

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I meant launching through the workflow something like '?{query}' where {query} is a workflow name selected from a list of the installed workflows (which is provided by 'alfred-extension').


In other words:

1. the user launches 'alfred-extension` which returns a list of installed workflows

2. the user selects workflow X

3. Alfred opens the workflow X configuration page in Alfred preferences. 


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Alfred internally has a URL scheme to open the preferences to certain pages, sometimes used by the ? keyword. I'm reluctant to make this a public accessible feature as this makes it significantly more tricky to make changes in the future for something which won't be used much.


Having said that, in my wider plan, I do have some ideas written down to make a configurable user-facing "preferences" per workflow which would show when installing a workflow.

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