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Hello All,


It might be a trivial problem, but I could not find the solution in the forum. Is there any way to go back in Alfred to previous menu? There were cases where I was getting deeper in the settings of some workflows and had to restart Alfred from the very beginning because I got into the menu item that I did not need. It is getting frustrating as I am constantly using Alfred throughout the day and these hiccups are always slowing my workflow.


Thanks in advance!

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3 minutes ago, ProRock said:

Is there any way to go back in Alfred to previous menu?


Not unless the workflow author has specifically implemented a "go back" or "go up" feature, I'm afraid.


Alfred can't really do it on behalf of a workflow because it has no idea what the workflow is actually doing. Going back to the previous screen might make zero sense or be completely invalid in the context of the workflow.


Which specific workflows are you having issues with?

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9 minutes ago, deanishe said:

Which specific workflows are you having issues with?

It is a common thing for many workflows, but I am specifically interested in 2:

- Calculate Anything. Here if you add or delete anything in settings, and in my case I use it a lot, I need to do each action from the scratch.

- WatchNow. Perfect workflow to find streaming platforms for movies and series. It however has to be restarted if, for example, you choose a wrong movie in a list. Anyway the developer here is a good sport, I will ask him on the related topic.

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Right. That's just poor workflow design in Calculate Anything. You almost certainly didn't open the workflow just to change one setting before you go off to do something unrelated, so the workflow should take you back to its config screen instead of terminating and dumping you out of Alfred completely.


But Alfred's history (i.e. open Alfred and press ↑) should be able to take you at least close to where you want to go.


You could also fix that workflow fairly easily by giving the config Script Filter an identifier in its Inbound Configuration… menu, then replacing the notification with a Call External Trigger element that runs the config Script Filter again.

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