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Alfred for Windows

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Hello mates,


for hardware purposes, I'm forced to move to Windows on my desktop PC. 


Alfred I miss you 🙂  


I do EVERYTHING with Alfred on Mac.


There are several "emulator" of Alfred on Windows.. But really... they suck.

They're thousands light-years far away from Alfred.


Suggestions? Wox, Listary, Microsoft PowerToys..... sucks sucks sucks...


Sorry for this post, just a personal  outing....


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Have you tried the ones in this article: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/best-desktop-application-launcher-for-windows-10


Launchy is okay, but I will agree with you that there isn't one as good as Alfred. But, I only use Windows in Parallels virtual machine. I do have a goal of writing a better launcher for windows, but just never seem to have the time for it.

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