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How to do X in Firefox from Alfred

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If you’ve been sent here, you asked a variation of the question in the title.

Depending on your needs, you may get by with @deanishe’s Firefox Assistant, which works via a custom browser extension. If your requirements are more complex than that, the answer becomes “you can’t do it”. Not without convoluted GUI automation—unreliable and error prone—or building your own complicated solution.

If you need your automation more than you like Firefox as your daily driver, your best bet is to switch. Firefox is the sole major browser on macOS that’s incapable of meaningful automation through AppleScript (most other browsers get it for free from the Chromium engine), and the bug report for it is two decades old. Via different conversations with Firefox representatives I’ve (anecdotally) come to the conclusion that despite a large portion of their developers using macOS, they neither understand what AppleScript is nor that you don’t need to be a power user to benefit from it. In other words, improvements are unlikely to come soon.

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